Propane is clearly America’s favorite when it comes to powering common utilities and ensuring everyday comforts in and around a home. Some of the factors behind the growing popularity of propane include ready availability, efficient performance, convenient handling, better eco-friendliness and better cost economy. At Boyle Energy, we have helped thousands of homeowners understand the full range of benefits of propane as an everyday fuel and so here, we bring you a quick read with 5 interesting facts about this immensely preferred fuel source.

 Fact #1: Doesn’t smell, doesn’t harm
If you smell something strong and offensive around your home, you can definitely leave propane out of your list of suspects. Propane is naturally odorless and furthermore, totally harmless to both water and soil.

Fact #2: Your clothes will thank you
As compared to electric dryers, propane clothes dryers are far more caring towards the clothes you put in it to dry. Propane dryers produce less static which helps your clothes retain their quality while going in and coming out.

Fact # 3: Long hot showers won’t pinch you
Heating water definitely requires a good amount of fuel and this is where propane water heaters help lessen your burden. Propane water heaters are up to 98% efficient, so this means more heat per every unit of fuel consumed.

Fact # 4: Tank up your car
Propane can not just fuel utilities in your kitchen, barbeque area, bathroom but even your garage. This versatile fuel can get your automobile moving from here to wherever it is you wish to go.

Fact # 5: See lights glow and the economy grow
The propane used by millions of homes in America is produced on home ground. With domestic production supporting around 90% of propane needs around the US, this fuel no doubt is one of the greatest economic boosters out there.

 We hope this quick read will not just amaze you but also convince you about the advantages of propane as a fuel for your daily needs. If you’re interested in looking up propane gas companies or a local expert near you for propane gas delivery, propane tank delivery in Philadelphia or propane in Delaware County PA, all you need to do is speak to us at Boyle Energy. With over 80 years of experience in serving homes and families in and  around Havertown, you can look forward to an experience that’s appreciated for its consistent combination of high quality, professionalism and good affordability.