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Both gasses are good at heating homes. Both gasses are popular among homeowners looking for reliable primary fuels to power day-to-day needs like heating and more. Both gasses are available no matter where your home is located. So then, are both natural gas and propane similar when it comes to performance and other factors? Not really. There are differences and that’s what this blog is all about. Read on to know more. 


Basics: Natural Gas and Propane

Before we get to the differences between two of America’s most preferred fuel sources for homes and businesses, let’s dive into the basics of these two compounds.

 Natural Gas

This fuel resource isn’t created in any of mankind’s manufacturing facilities. It is formed as a result of the earth’s immense pressure and heat acting upon fossilized remains of plants and animals that have deposited over the earth’s surfaces across hundreds of millions of years. Natural gas is a mixture of gasses, with methane accounting for 70 to 90% of the composition. It is a colorless, odorless, flammable and non-toxic hydrocarbon. Natural Gas deposits are found both on land as well as in spaces underneath the ocean floor. This fossil energy source is procured by drilling wells in areas with natural gas deposits.


Propane is one of the by-products that result during the processing of natural gas. Although propane can also be obtained from crude oil refinement, natural gas processing is its biggest known source. Propane is colorless, odorless and non-toxic and is usually compressed and stored in its liquid state.


The Differences Between Natural Gas and Propane

 Efficiency and Cost

When in doubt, let numbers show you the way. When it comes to efficiency, you’ll find the numbers favoring propane. Here’s how. One cubic foot of natural gas generates 1030 BTUs (1 BTU – the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1*Fahrenheit) while the same amount of propane generates 2516 BTUs. In simpler terms, propane generates approximately twice as much heat or energy as natural gas. Or if we put it another way, propane will generate the same amount of heat as natural gas, at half the cost. You could double-check this advantage of propane by speaking with propane gas companies or reputed businesses providing propane gas delivery in Havertown.

 Eco-friendliness and Toxicity

As a responsible citizen and homeowner, you’d ideally want your fuel to be considerate towards both your home and your planet. You’ll be relieved to know propane is the cleanest burning fuel of all the options available to you. Propane produces about 50% of the carbon dioxide and other gasses usually generated by gasoline. An accidental propane leak won’t result in any damage to soil,  water or the environment whereas a natural gas leak will further add to the problem of greenhouse gasses that are already warming up our planet. Before you start looking up propane heating companies ‘near me’, propane gas delivery in Havertown or natural gas heater and air conditioner companies, we suggest you check the rest of the differences listed in this blog.

 Ease of choosing suppliers

Unlike propane which is commonly available, natural gas is only available in certain areas. What this means is, you won’t have as many suppliers to choose from or switch to as compared to propane suppliers. This limitation could cause you discomfort in a situation where you’re not happy with the rates, the service or both and desire a change. With propane, you will enjoy the advantage of virtually limitless suppliers who will provide you with a range of prices, discounts, delivery and maintenance plans and more. In other words, you’ll have no problem finding abundant local propane gas companies, propane heating companies or companies providing propane gas delivery in Havertown.

 Method of Delivery and Installation

Natural gas is a fuel resource that’s delivered via a pipeline to your home. Propane on the other hand, will be stored on your property in a tank that will either be above the ground or under. With natural gas, you will have a constant supply all year round through the pipeline. To enjoy uninterrupted propane supply, you will need to stock and refill your tank at periodic intervals.

Density of Gas

While both propane and natural gas may be odorless and colorless, they differ in their densities. Natural gas is lighter of the two and so in case of gas leaks within a home, propane gas will settle at the lower level while natural gas will collect at a higher level.


Propane and natural gas are two of the most popular fuel sources across homes in the US. As with a lot of homeowners, you too may find it perplexing to pick the right fuel source between the two, for your home or establishment. We trust this blog on the 5 main differences between the two fuels will make it easier for you to make the right choice.

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