Heat pumps are becoming a more appealing alternative to traditional heating equipment due to their ability to heat and cool efficiently while consuming less energy. For example, it may provide 1.5 to 3 times more heat energy to a home than the electrical energy it uses. Furthermore, because of their energy and cost-efficiency, they are a popular choice among a lot of homeowners.

Have you ticked all the boxes of a perfect heat pump before getting it installed at your place? Because, quality installation is also one of the most important factors for a perfectly working heat pump that will provide superior heating and cooling performance when demanded. Otherwise, a number of issues may occur, compromising the home’s comfort and energy efficiency. 

Let’s understand some of the common mistakes that must be avoided during a Heat Pump Installation.

Mistake 1: Improper Sizing Evaluation 
If your heat pump is too small, it won’t be able to provide appropriate cooling to the entire house effectively. A sizing assessment is necessary to choose the perfect heat pump for your perfect home.

Mistake 2: Leaky Ductwork
Maintaining your ductwork is just as important as changing your air filters on a regular basis, since it is responsible for ensuring appropriate indoor air quality. In cases of leaky ductwork while installation, chances of water leaking from it leading to electrical damage are high. To achieve an airtight fit, specialists usually seal or replace the ductwork system.

Mistake 3: Incorrectly Calibrating Thermostat
Once installed, it’s possible that your thermostat is reading the wrong temperature, causing heating problems. To begin, check through your thermostat’s handbook to see if there are any recalibrating instructions. If not, a professional can replace or recalibrate it for you.

Mistake 4: Noisy Heat Pump 
During the summer, heat pumps remove heat from indoors and transfer it to the outside. Your heat pump may create strange noises while reversing the procedure in the cold. To avoid this, make sure that your technician is including a Heat Pump Sound Blanket during the installation process without fail. This addition is considered to be the most effective and cost- efficient  solution by several HVAC experts.

Mistake 5: Choosing A Single – Stage Heat Pump Over Dual Stage
A single-stage heat pump either works at full capacity or shuts down completely. This can reduce efficiency and cause temperature fluctuations throughout your home. Employing a Dual Heating and Cooling Blanket over a heat pump will have a compressor with 2 levels of operation that is high for hot summer days and milder for other days. A dual stage unit works for longer periods of time and creates more consistent temperatures since the low stage is enough to fulfil home comfort demands 80% of the time.


While installing a heat pump, it is essential that one employs a technician from a licensed and certified HVAC company. Are you tired of unprofessional services in the name of skilled installation of your HVAC systems?  That’s where we come in. Boyle Energy has always been a dependable company that takes pride in prioritizing the customer’s comfort. Our Newtown, PA HVAC company extends its services in and around Havertown as well. Investing in the installation of a Heat Pump would be a wise choice for reducing your carbon emissions on mother Earth. Go Green!