Heating oil companies and oil delivery

As a fuel, it’s more efficient than electricity and a faster heat generator than natural gas and propane. No wonder, close to 5.3 million households in the US used heating oil as their home’s main fuel between 2020-2021 (as per an article published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration). If you happen to be among the homes that have found their sweet spot with heating oil, here are 10 things you need to consider when looking up heating oil companies to fulfill your home’s fuel requirements. 

Check out the services 

When it comes to choosing a service-oriented business, apply the ‘more is better’ rule. What this means is, you’ll find plenty of options for heating oil companies in Havertown pa but each of them may differ when it comes to supporting or accompanying services. Some may offer only heating oil which will require you to look for boiler tune-ups elsewhere. Some may offer heating oil and boiler tune-ups along with HVAC repairs and installation, which will enable you to source multiple solutions from the same provider. Choose the business that gives you the most amount of services. 


Ask for pricing plans

When it comes to a commodity like heating oil, there is no universal pricing. With some companies you may need to only pay the fuel cost while with some, you may be expected to pay for the delivery as well. Some companies will charge you as per the market rates while some may offer you the benefit of cost insulation from price surges. Ask each provider about their prices and plans to find the best heating oil prices in Philadelphia that suits your budget.


Look for ‘hidden fees’

When ordering heating oil, you’ll end up paying more than just the fuel costs. Now some heating oil companies are transparent in their policies, and will share these fees upfront when discussing pricing plans. Some won’t and you’ll end up getting an unpleasant ‘surprise’ when you just start settling down with the services of your ‘heating oil provider’. The common ‘hidden fees’ that you’re likely to come across include Convenience Fee, Tank Maintenance Fee and of course, Delivery Fee. These extra costs or fees that you finally end up paying will depend on how exhaustively you compare quotes and how skillfully you bargain with the providers.


Check the delivery options

Finding a heating oil company with a delivery mode that suits your needs is the next step. Look for heating oil companies that offer you both automatic and on-demand delivery. If regular checking of your heating oil levels seems inconvenient or impractical, opt for Automatic Delivery. In this mode of delivery, the heating oil company sets a delivery schedule as per your usage pattern, which frees you of the responsibility of keeping tabs on your tank. However, if you’d like to schedule heating oil deliveries only when you feel the need, then opt for On-Demand delivery.


Test their customer support service

How a heating oil company treats its customers in both good times and bad, will determine how satisfactory (or unsatisfactory) your experience turns out to be. Will the company ignore your calls during heating oil shortages? Will the company assist you in the event of an emergency at odd hours? How does the company plan to maintain a consistent delivery of heating oil to your home? Call up each of the heating oil providers that you shortlist, and ask them what you need to know. The response you get will enable you to separate genuine customer-centric businesses from the profits-only kind of businesses.


Check customer reviews

A heating oil company with a comprehensive looking website can still turn out to be the opposite of what you expect. A safer alternative is to look up customer reviews about the heating oil company on popular review platforms. If you see a greater number of positive reviews and that too from loyal customers, it’s an assurance that the business is genuine and cares about delighting its customers with professional-grade services. However, if you see more negative reviews, drop the business off your list.


Installation and maintenance services

What if your heating oil tank was to suddenly develop a leak or snag? Apart from a reliable supply of heating oil, you also need reliable maintenance that’s available 24/7 and rescues you in times of an emergency. Choose a company that offers you both oil delivery as well as oil tank installation and maintenance services.


Inquire about discounts and incentives

Look out for companies that take special steps to not only attract customers but also keep them loyal and happy. Ask if the company has reward programs, discounts and other perks for customers who guarantee ongoing business. A rewards program will enable you to redeem the collected points against future heating oil purchases, heating tank repairs or other services.


Look for their presence in the community

The best heating oil companies put their efforts where their heart is. Towards enabling their community to live, perform and thrive better. If you come across heating oil companies that devote their time and resources to helpful community initiatives, it’s a good sign. A sign that says you can expect professional expertise with a touch of care and compassion.


Make sure they serve your area 

If the company ticks all the boxes relating to quality, service, affordability and timeliness, there’s still one critical detail you need to check. Does the company deliver heating oil in your area? This last link is vital for even the best and most reputed of heating oil companies to handle your heating oil needs with their distinctive brand of excellence. 


Finding the right heating oil company will not only ensure a tank that never runs dry but a life that’ll never run short on peace of mind. We trust the factors mentioned in this blog will enable you to find a heating oil company that best matches your needs and budget. If you’re wondering which heating oil companies will offer you the best heating oil prices in Delaware County pa, reach out to us at 610 595 4717 or 215 709 9196. We’re Boyle Energy and our repertoire of high-quality, reliable and affordable services cover heating oil and propane delivery. We have over 8 decades of experience in keeping thousands of homes running smoothly with a dependable supply of high-quality heating oil and we look forward to extending the same exemplary service to you.