Is that job opportunity the right step for your career? Will shifting to a different neighbourhood give your family a better life? Can that new diet help you get even healthier? Questions. Unless you ask them, you’ll never get answers. And without answers, you’ll never be able to take the right decisions. It’s a truth that applies even to something as regular as selecting a dealer for your home’s propane supply. At Boyle, we’ve always upheld our customers’ right to know more, and have gone above and beyond the bounds of service to answer every customer’s questions and ensure they leave  us feeling fully content. So, here’s a list of Qs that will help you separate the good from the clutter, when it comes to choosing the right propane dealer.


  1. What are your delivery options?

This will allow you to know about options like Automated Delivery – where the propane supplier will deliver the product to your doorstep on a scheduled basis and As Needed Delivery – where the product will be delivered only when you call and ask for it. 

2. Do you charge for propane tank installation?

If you own a propane tank, installation is a one-time fee. If you wish to rent a tank instead, then there are rental / storage fees to accommodate this. 

3. Do you offer free delivery of propane?

Unlike pizza, propane need not necessarily land up at your door without a delivery cost. Companies that charge for propane delivery do so on the basis of the volume or gallons that you order. Although, you may find some companies that’ll be prepared to waive off the delivery charge as part of their ‘better service’ philosophy. 

4. Is there a disconnection charge for removing propane tanks?

Most companies make the discontinuation process chargeable and your charges would be broken down into administrative and labor costs. Some companies will even levy an ‘Early Termination Fee’ if you choose to stop buying propane before your end of contract with the dealer. 

5. Are your propane technicians and drivers nationally certified?

Having the right certifications in place assure you of the dealer’s capabilities to not just promise but guarantee safe and accurate delivery, installation and maintenance of propane tanks on your home or business premises. 

6. Are you a registered state propane supplier?

State laws are put in place for the well-being and security of all citizens. And businesses that are compliant with these laws are accountable for delivering fair services and ensuring your satisfaction as a customer. So, make sure to check on this all-important detail before you ask anything else.

7. Are you insured in my state?

Propane is a hazardous material and therefore, it’s imperative that the dealer you’re considering is covered by insurance that’s registered in your state. This would insulate you from any financial liability, in the event of any accident with the dealer’s staff on your property. 

8. Do you offer 24/7 customer service?

This can be an advantage that you’ll be thankful for, in the event of an emergency. A dealer with 24/7 emergency assistance could help you avoid damage to your property and harm to your family, before an issue escalates out of control. 

9. Can you help maintain my propane equipment?

Having a propane company that offers preventive maintenance plans is a bonus, as it’ll help you keep your propane equipment running at peak efficiency and also keep your costs down. 

10. Do you have incentives for regular customers?

It’s one thing to get an introductory discount and another to keep getting offers and discounts after you decide to go along with the same dealer. The latter, though hard to find, reassures you that the dealer places your contentment above everything else. 


Your well-being, safety and prosperity mean the world to us at Boyle Energy and we hope through this blog, we’ll be able to help you go for a dealer that makes the right fit for you. Should you need to know anything more, please feel free to contact the folks who’ve made over 1 million oil stops and half a million service stops since 1937. We’d only be delighted to acquaint you with our customer service beliefs that have helped us keep our customers contented and close, since our inception.