Gas boilers burn gas to heat up water.While these systems are better for the environment than many other types of home heating options, proper ventilation is needed to remove the carbon dioxide by products from the air that can be dangerous if allowed to build up.

Gas boilers for home heating are usually set up with a furnace to heat the water and a hot water storage tank to hold hot water that will be used at a later time, such as for showers. Hot water for heat will be used right away and doesn’t need to be stored. Very little, if any, electricity is needed to run a gas boiler system when it’s being used for home heating.

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Logamax Plus GB142

Offering well developed and energy-saving condensing technology, the entire Logamax plus GB142 series is the best. The Logamax plus GB142 can supply any type of home with heating.

Advantages at a Glance

  • 96% AFUE Efficiency
  • Whisper Quiet – Enclosed Housing
  • *5-Year Parts and Labor Warranty for residential applications with registration
  • Low-Loss Header manifold for quick and trouble free installations
  • Advanced easy to use control system
  • 4 Models with Inputs from: 84,800 to 214,800 BTU/Hr


Modulating operation, i.e. matched to the actual heat demand
Available as boiler with integral Logamatic EMS control unit; easy to add an optional Buderus hot water tank or RC35 Control
Integral aluminum heat exchanger with a large surface area for condensing operation all year round
Optimum energy utilization and minimized operating costs through ETA plus system
Output modulates between 30% and 100%
Selectable flue gas routing: open flue version may be connected to an existing chimney; alternatively balanced flue connection with a system-certified balanced flue system (room sealed balanced flue)
Outputs of 75, 95, 142, 199 MBH


Peerless® PUREFIRE®

  • Up to 93.3% AFUE—ENERGY STAR® Efficient*!

  • Gas-fired Condensing Boiler for Natural or LP Gas

  • Direct-vent, Sealed Combustion

  • Fully Modulating Burner for Maximum Efficiency

  • Factory Tested, Pre-Mixed Gas Burner Technology

  • Environmentally Friendly—LoNOx Operation

  • Sleek, Modern Design with Easy Access to Controls

  • Compact, Lightweight and Small Footprint


Peerless SERIES MI85™

  • Packaged Residential Hot Water Boilers

  • Natural Draft Venting

  • Spark Ignition

  • Low Profile Design


Crown Bimini

  • Cast aluminum heat exchanger
  • Microprocessor based control system with:
  • Digital touch pad and display
  • Outdoor reset temperature sensor
  • Domestic hot water priority
  • Multiple venting options
  • PPs – concentric polypropylene
  • PPs – chimney vent liner
  • AL29-4C Stainless
  • Six sizes from 70 to 225 MBH



Crown AWR Series – Aruba 4 Features

  • Cast iron heat exchanger

  • Built-in rear draft diverter to fit low spaces

  • Eight sizes from 38 to 280 MBH

  • Limited lifetime warranty